Tofu Scramble! 8 reasons it ‘beats’ eggs! 😉

* ‘Happy Eggs’ UK confirms their hens are spent from intensive laying, so slaughtered, by 18 months old. The natural lifespan of a chicken is 12 years. This is standard practise in the egg industry.

* ‘Happy Eggs’ confirms that in breeding laying hens, male chicks are considered disposable bi-products so gassed at one day old. This is standard practise. Other methods to kill them include maceration and crushing/suffocation en masse in bin bags.

* By numbers, Chickens are the most abused species on the planet. 9 billion are killed a year, excluding the babies in the egg industry (260 million a year in the US and 40 million a year in the UK alone.)

* Eggs are the bird equivalent of the human ovum, which is passed through mentstruation.

* Yolk and the whites of eggs contain nutrients to nurture an un-hatched baby chick. Humans could not be more physiologically different from a baby bird and ergo do not benefit nutritionally from eggs.

* In the US and UK egg companies are banned by the ASA from advertising or marking egg packaging as ‘healthy’, or any variant or implication of this, because they are not.

* There are over 30 alternative ingredients to eggs for eating directly, cooking and baking, including tofu, aquafaba, flax/chia seeds, banana, apple sauce. Ask your nearest vegan what is best for which dish!

* According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, tofu has been shown to reduce the incidence of breast cancer in women.

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