“Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life.” Especially if you start now.

Did anybody else start re-thinking their life with the imminency of Brexit? And then with the enforced General Election? And now with Covid-19…

I had realised quite a few years ago I was working on my job at the time but had regret about not pursuing any of my other numerous passions when I was younger. What or who could I have been, if only..? I loved writing, I loved movies – but was told these wouldn’t amount to a ‘proper job’.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re with a terrific company (I am) and love what you do (I do), who wouldn’t feel blessed in today’s climate?

But what if I made a decision to pursue my passions on the side anyway? So what if I wasn’t very good (yet!) or couldn’t work out how to monetise them (yet!) or hadn’t figured out (yet!) how any of it could help others in a positive way?

Why wouldn’t I just find a way to do what I love for the sake of it, in its own right and for the pleasure derived in itself, to start with. Then see what happens from there?

There is so much doing the rounds on what the government should have done in the current crisis, what a different government would have done, etc. And that just makes me feel like nobody believes they have control in the outcome of our own destiny. It feels disempowering.

I choose to work hard in all I am doing, whatever the circumstances, recognising my weaknesses and developing myself and my numerous passions and skills. I commit to finding ways to improve and add value for others, while I have the time and opportunity.

I can’t control the challenges and set backs and government and systems.

I can control my responses to these, my actions now and my preparedness for times to come.

I’m doing what I love anyway, when and while I can! It doesn’t feel like work. There’s nothing to lose in getting the most out of every day right now, especially not knowing how long it will last. And besides what’s to lose if great things can come out later as a result?






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