Belly Bakes Newsletter – 001


I am Rachel Bell, founder of Belly Bakes. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter!

When I first decided to live a life that avoided the use of animals, it was just possible to have a plant based milk in my coffee at coffee shops. But where were the treats to enjoy with it..?

I really missed the ample, substantial and simple home baking of my childhood. Cake! Cookies! And Millionaire’s Shortbread! I discovered that if I wanted them, I had to learn to bake them myself!

I started out supplying small independent coffee shops, but this ground to a halt with the first lockdown.

In re-thinking how to get bakes to customers, the online Mixed Subscription Box was born. Post box size Bakes Boxes! Not only that but for convenience and better pricing for customers, they can subscribe for a monthly treat box to come out automatically. 

Belly Bakes channel the comfort and familiarity of childhood home baking, but with an ethos that the world is rapidly adopting; if we don’t have to to use animals for a delicious home baked treat, then why would we want to?

Currently around 40% of Belly Bakes subscribers are vegan and enjoying the convenience of having suitable home-baked goods delivered, while around 60% of Belly Bakes subscribers are not vegan. They tell me they just enjoy the treats for what they are!

Upon request I have also taken a keen interest in cupcakes, novelty cupcakes and occasion cakes and have taken these on with a view to rolling out a starter catalogue in over the next few weeks.

The packaging for all cookies and cakes is basic and recyclable. As with all good things, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

Please note that, unfortunately, due to being a small home-based business and where cross-contamination is possible, Belly Bakes is unable to cater to any special dietary requirements/intolerences to nuts, soy, wheat, gluten etc.

Belly Bakes delivers to Andover, Basingstoke and Surrounding Villages, as well as posting (goods suitable for posting) countrywide.

Belly Bakes. Simple Home Bakes created with Love for You, Animals and our Planet.

i) @rachelbellworld  f)

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